VOSD generally does NOT adopt out dogs. It's for this reason:

  • Dogs in our care are so because these could NOT be adopted out by several agencies over several months. This may be due to reasons of health, age, aggression, breed etc. A lot of these dogs come in with life-threatening conditions and/or need lifelong maintenance. 
  • Since we only take in these dogs and once they come in - they are assimilated into our population. It takes time for the new dog and for the existing ones to create that space. Once it is done it is extremely distressing for a dog to be brought out of that system where he is used to his playmates and his routine. 

Our system is effective to the point that at least 250 dogs have come to us from all over India. 

That said there are several agencies in Bangalore that you adopt dogs from and there are hundreds of dogs waiting to get adopted with them. You can as easily give them a chance.